Out of 15502 from Asia 3,258 were selected from Nepal as EDV Lottery 2012 Winners

DV Lottery that was held as DV-2012 and allowed submission of entries in the year 2010 has announced its results officially announced from July 15th 2011. Nearly 14,768,658  qualified entries were submitted from all over the world in the 28 day electronic application form submission period from October 5, 2010, till November 3, 2010 with millions of rejected entries. From these entries 15002 people were selected from Asia, and out of these highest ranges of people were selected from Iran i.e., 4,453 secondly 3,258 from Nepal as winners and their results are available in our web site. As many entries were rejected so please be careful on filling up DV 2013 carefully from Espot Nepal.